The EUropean Study on VIOlence Risk and MEntal Disorders (EU-VIORMED) is a new collaborative research project that aims to improve the quality of forensic psychiatric care in Europe.

Forensic psychiatry treats mentally disordered people who are a risk to the public. Here, the assessment and treatment of mentally disordered offenders must accurately formulate and understand  the complicated relationship between mental disorders and the risk of violence to self and others, while avoiding being overly restrictive.

Forensic psychiatry spans a challenging physical and ethical space between the needs and rights of patients, the public and the criminal justice system, and between medical treatment and public protection.
Forensic psychiatric services of one form or another exist in every EU state, but their design, operational models, clinical resources and guiding principles differ markedly. Today they are expanding in some member states, while contracting in others.

EU-VIORMED aims to:


Describe forensic psychiatry services as they exist today in 2018 across the European Union.


Identifying risk factors for violence in a unique international forensic sample and


Testing for the very first time in a related EU sample two contrasting methods of violence risk assessment.


Exploring what works for these often marginalized patients, their families and their carers, at an operational, clinical and ethical level.
12 October 2018

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EU-VIORMED investigators met in Düsseldorf (October 8-10)

Researchers from the EU-VIORMED Consortium met up in Düsseldorf, Germany. On October 8, 2018 researchers arrived to Schloss Mickeln, a beautiful and peaceful place, to dedicate theirselves to the project. All partners worked hard to pursue the EU-VIORMED goals. During meeting days important points were discussed and interesting data were presented to the group. The EU-VIORMED […]... Read more

28 September 2018

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“Definition of traits predisposing to violence in schizophrenia”   ‘Schizophrenia Research’ (Impact Factor: 3.958) recently published a study by Menahem I. Krakowski (New York University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, New York, NY, USA) and Pal Czobor (Departments of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary). In this article, the authors aimed at defining […]... Read more

10 September 2018

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Next month! The EU-VIORMED Project Second Annual Meeting

Progress of the EU-VIORMED project: meeting of researchers in Düsseldorf (October 8-10, 2018). The EU-VIORMED Second Annual Meeting will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, on October 2018, 8th to 10th. Colleagues from the Department of History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine at the Heinrich-Heine-University (P6 UDUS) will welcome all partners in this dynamic region, outstandingly […]... Read more

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