16 June 2021

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La Psichiatria Forense in Europa, una overview dei risultati del Progetto EU–VIORMED webinar gratuito con accreditamento ECM

Mercoledì 23 giugno 2021 – 10:00- 13:00  Webinar gratuito con ECM Il webinar si propone illustrare i principali risultati del progetto European Study on Risk Factors for Violence in Mental Disorder and Forensic Care: a multicentre project. The EU-VIORMED Study, giunto ormai al termine. L’obiettivo generale del progetto EU-VIORMED, finanziato dalla Commissione Europea (Grant PP-2-3-2016), […]... Read more

12 May 2021

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NEW! Publication on Non-pharmacological Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Violence

We are pleased to announce that an article by the EU-VIORMED group has been published in Frontiers in Psychiatry (2019 Impact Factor: 2.849) on May 10, 2021. This study... Read more

6 April 2021

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Antipsychotic medications and convictions for violent crimes

One of the aims of the EU-VIORMED project is to assess effective treatments for people suffering from mental disorders who are at risk of violence and crime. Clarifying the gradient of effectiveness for medications is important to inform clinical decision-making thereby improving the quality of forensic psychiatric care for patients across Europe. A recent observational […]... Read more

8 February 2021

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NEW! Publication on Pharmacological interventions to reduce violence in people with Schizophrenia

We are pleased to announce that an article by the EU-VIORMED group has been published in CNS Spectrums (2019 Impact Factor: 3.356) on February 5, 2021. This study systematically investigated the available evidence about pharmacological interventions aimed at reducing violence perpetrated by subjects with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders (SSDs) in forensic psychiatry.... Read more

1 December 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – A comprehensive review of the association between different mental disorders and violence

A better understanding of forensic psychiatry care pathways and treatment patterns has been hampered by several matters.... Read more

22 September 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – Individual characteristics, severity of psychiatric symptoms, sleep quality, and violent behaviors

Situation to date: Violent behaviors of people suffering from schizophrenia include physical aggression, verbal aggression, anger, and hostility, which correlate with physiological changes in the brain. As a whole, physiological changes and unsatisfactory sleep quality in people suffering from schizophrenia can influence their emotional adjustment. Sleep disorders may reduce emotional control, thereby increasing the likelihood of […]... Read more

20 July 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – Violent behavior and early onset of cannabis use in psychosis

Situation to date: The relation between substance abuse and violence in patients with mental disorders has been a topic of great interest, especially considering early phases of psychosis. Several studies have highlighted the risk of violent behavior in young people with psychosis, with substance use as a major risk factor for violence. Nonetheless, research exploring […]... Read more

29 May 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – Violence and Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is a risk factor for psychosis as well as for violent behaviors and offending. It encompasses subdomains of abuse and neglect that may be differently related... Read more

28 April 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – A Machine Learning approach for Violent Behaviors and Stress in Schizophrenia

Situation to date:  One of the main aims of the EU-VIORMED Project is to identify risk factors for violence amongst individuals with mental disorder. Previous studies have shown that stress is an important link in the chain of triggers of violence.... Read more