EU-VIORMED researchers met up in Venice last week

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Progress of the EU-VIORMED project: THIRD ANNUAL MEETING (October 10-11, 2019).


The EU-VIORMED Third Annual Meeting took place in Venice (Italy) last week (October 2019, 10th to 11th). The meeting venue was Ospedale San Raffaele Arcangelo, in a beautiful ancient building in Venice. Hospitaller Order of the Brothers of Saint John of God warmly hosted EU-VIORMED researchers for this crucial meeting. All participants could appreciate the commitment of the Order in healthcare, including mental health care pathways, and their well-known hospitality.

P1-IRCCS Fatebenefratelli, P2-KCL, P3-MANN, P4-MUW, P5-IPIN, P6-UDUS, and P8-UNIMIB attended the Venice meeting involving both young and senior researchers. Partners in the consortium shared their preliminary data and considerations with a synergistic approach. Great efforts were made by all participants to let outputs maximise the impact of the project. The group was enthusiastic about the meeting, see below the official group shot.



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