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“An analysis of violence correlates in 63,572 individuals with mental disorders”

The ‘Journal of Interpersonal Violence’ (Impact Factor: 2.443) recently published a large study on violence correlates among individuals suffering from mental disorders. Matthew W. Roché and colleagues (New Jersey City University, Jersey City, USA, and Rutgers University, Piscataway, USA) estimated prevalence and risk of violent ideation and behavior among individuals with serious mental illnesses. They analyzed records of 63,572 patients from six diagnostic groups: schizophrenia (n = 2,710), schizoaffective disorders (n = 2,788), bipolar disorder (n = 4,551), major depressive disorder (n = 17,446), alcohol / substance use disorders (n = 19,962), and non-severe mental illnesses (n = 16,115).

Findings showed that individuals with severe mental illness had higher rates of violent ideation and behavior than subjects with non-severe mental illnesses and those with substance use disorders only. In addition, male gender, younger age and co-occurring severe mental and substance use disorders were significant correlates of violent ideation and behavior.

These findings seem consistent with previous evidence reporting increased risk of violence in young men using alcohol or substances, and suffering from severe mental illness.

The authors stated that: “Future researchers should endeavor to delineate the causes of the relationship between violent ideation and behavior in various SMI conditions, and the circumstances under which this relationship is modified by static and dynamic individual, environmental, and treatment factors”.


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Roché MW, Boyle DJ, Cheng CC, Del Pozzo J, Cherneski L, Pascarella J, Lukachko A, Silverstein SM. Prevalence and Risk of Violent Ideation and Behavior in Serious Mental Illnesses: An Analysis of 63,572 Patient Records. J Interpers Violence 2018. doi: 10.1177/0886260518759976

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