20 July 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – Violent behavior and early onset of cannabis use in psychosis

Situation to date: The relation between substance abuse and violence in patients with mental disorders has been a topic of great interest, especially considering early phases of psychosis. Several studies have highlighted the risk of violent behavior in young people with psychosis, with substance use as a major risk factor for violence. Nonetheless, research exploring […]... Read more

29 May 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – Violence and Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is a risk factor for psychosis as well as for violent behaviors and offending. It encompasses subdomains of abuse and neglect that may be differently related... Read more

28 April 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – A Machine Learning approach for Violent Behaviors and Stress in Schizophrenia

Situation to date:  One of the main aims of the EU-VIORMED Project is to identify risk factors for violence amongst individuals with mental disorder. Previous studies have shown that stress is an important link in the chain of triggers of violence.... Read more

30 March 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – Violent Behavior Is Associated With Emotion Salience Network Dysconnectivity in Schizophrenia

Situation to date: Although individuals suffering from schizophrenia show an elevated risk of violence compared to the general population, limited effort has been made to inquire the neurobiological aetiology of such behaviour. Currently, the understanding of the biological foundation of emotions in people with schizophrenia and a history of violence is limited, and the existing […]... Read more

29 February 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH – The economic impact of violence perpetration in severe mental illness

Situation to date: Calls for increased funding for mental health services require many lines of evidence in support, said Senior, Fazel, and Tsiachristas from University of Oxford in their recent work published in The Lancet Public Health (Impact Factor 11.600).... Read more

24 January 2020

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH –Feasibility of a Violence Risk Assessment Tool in Forensic Mental Health

Situation to date: Currently, the assessment of violence risk amongst individuals with mental disorder does not fall within an agreed practice. One purpose of the EU-VIORMED project is to redefine and standardize assessment tools in order to find out how to improve the diagnosis and the effectiveness of treatments for violence risk in Severe Mental […]... Read more

20 December 2019

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NEW! Live progress of the project: publication of the Study Protocol

On December 19, 2019 the EU-VIORMED study protocol was published in BMC Psychiatry (2018 Impact Factor: 2.666). ... Read more

25 November 2019

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UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH Effects of illicit substance use on violent behaviour in patients with mental disorder

The correlation between substance abuse and violence in patients with mental disorder is notorious. Previous evidence shows that a relationship between substance abuse and violent behaviour risk in psychotic patients might exist in many different ways:... Read more

21 October 2019

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EU-VIORMED @ 11th ECVCP (Oslo, 2019)

Further details about the EU-VIORMED project will be available during the 11th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry that will be held in Oslo (Norway) on October 24-26, 2019.... Read more